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Soldier Center Medical Home
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24/7 Hospital Main Desk:
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Appointments: (COM) 1-866-460-5305
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24/7 Tricare: 800-874-2273
The Soldier Center Medical Home on Fort Irwin
Welcome! The Fort Irwin MEDDAC welcomes you to a new method for health care management—the Army Patient Centered Medical Home. Each of the patients enrolled in our Medical Home is assigned a Primary Care Manager (PCM) who helps them define goals and achieve improved health. Scroll down the page to learn about the many services offered.

The PCMH is a team-based model, led by a physician, which provides continuous, accessible, family-centered, comprehensive, compassionate and culturally-sensitive health care in order to achieve the best outcomes. The model is based on the concept that the best healthcare has a strong primary care (PC) foundation with quality and resource efficiency incentives. The PCMH is a departure from previous, traditional healthcare models because it focuses on the “whole person” concept, preventive care and early intervention and management of health problems rather than on high-volume, episodic, over-specialized and inefficient care. A PCMH practice is responsible for all of a patient’s healthcare needs and for coordinating/integrating specialty healthcare and other professional services.

Continuity of Care: Seeing your PCM at every visit is important to establish the provider-patient relationship that is the cornerstone of patient centered care. We will make every effort to give you appointments with your PCM. If for some reason your PCM is not available, you will see another provider from your Medical Home team who will have access to your medical record and be committed to honoring the plan of care you and your PCM have agreed upon.

The five facets of the WACH Patient Centered Medical Home:

The goal of the PCMH is to care for the whole patient: acute and chronic medical needs, preventative services, mental health care, social services and readiness issues.

Patient Centered:
The PCMH allows the patient’s goals to be the driving force of their care, truly reflecting the needs, preferences and goals of service members, retirees and their families.

The PCMH finds resources, coordinates appointments and assures that information flows freely across multiple settings and between various members of the Medical Home and the patient.

Today’s patients are busy with jobs and family responsibilities and their time is valuable. The APCMH helps them avoid the need for a clinic visit by offering alternative ways (such as secure e-mail and telephone contact) to communicate with the PCM and Medical Home.

High Quality:
The APCMH model includes a commitment to evidence-based medical care with proven best outcomes. Provider practice, staff member performance and facility processes are regularly reviewed for quality and safety.