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Relocation Assistance for new WACH patients
Physical Address:
Relocation Readiness Program Office
Bldg. 109, Langford Lake Road
Fort Irwin, CA, 92310
Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Contact Information:
Main Desk:
(COM) +1 (760) 470-2399

Website: Relocation Readiness Program
The Fort Irwin Relocation Assistance Program
The Relocation Readiness Program provides information, guidance and assistance to help minimize the impact on families during PCS and ETS moves; or soldier unaccompanied tours. The major elements of the RRP are pre-move and post-move assistance, also providing services and support to waiting families on and around the installation when the sponsor is overseas or on an unaccompanied tour.

Regardless of your current situation, newcomers to Ft. Irwin or if you're preparing to depart Ft. Irwin, programs and services provided by Army Community Services (ACS) are designed to help you and your family succeed. To access these services you are one e-mail away. The chart below outlines what services are offered under each program. Indicate your needs in the form below by selecting the applicable programs and a staff member will get back to you as soon as possible.

The international spouses group

Sharing culture is a win/win for everyone and our Ft. Irwin's Culture Exchange Group is sure to educate and entertain all participants. You (regardless of culture or country of origin) are invited to join us on the last Tuesday each month beginning January,10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.. Ice Breaker, discussions, Guest Speakers, recipes exchange, and new friendships. Bring you favorite snack from your home country and join us at Sleepy Hollow Community Center, 1100 a.m.-1:00 p.m..

Sponsorship training

We provide bi-monthly classroom training for our Unit Sponsors. Ft. Irwin sponsors are often the first contact a newcomer has to Ft. Irwin. It is imperative that they are knowledgeable about Ft. Irwin and the local community. We only have one chance to make that first impression and we are counting on Sponsors to make it a good one. We will cover Sponsorship Program and Duties, E-Road Trip of Barstow and Community as well as areas of interest within a day's drive.

Hearts Apart Bingo Bowl

Is your spouse deployed, on remote tour, or extended TDY? Join the ACS and others who are in your same situation for our monthly Hearts Apart Bowl. Bowling is free and the friendship and camaraderie are warm and heartfelt. Good bowler, bad bowler, it does not matter; please see our calendar flyer for the dates and times at the Strike Zone.

English as a second language

We offer an eight week basic ESL class that meets every Monday. We offer participants a choice of sessions – morning 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. or an evening session from 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.. Morning classes are held in bldg 1317, Rm 7 and evening classes are held in the AG Replacement Bldg 109, Rm 136.

Lending closet

Newcomers within the first 60-days of arrival are eligible to check-out items from the RRP Lending Closet. E.g., EZ Beds (air mattress) cots, Cookware, Flatware and Kitchen utensils, bake ware, crock pots, toasters, coffee pots, irons, ironing boards, and more. Linens are not available so please make arrangements to either bring them with you or mail them ahead of your arrival.

I need stuff...I have stuff...

This program offers those who HAVE an opportunity to connect to those in NEED. We offer an opportunity for Soldier families to register what they have to donate or what they need with the Relocation Assistance Program. We do not accept the donated items as we do not have storage space.
It is NTC policy that all arriving soldiers in the ranks of 06 and below will have an assigned Sponsor. Please request a Ft. Irwin sponsor through your losing installation.

Ft. Irwin Installation Booklet: http://www.militaryinstallations.dod.mil/MOS/f?p=MI:ENTRY:0

Ft. Irwin Home Page: http://www.irwin.army.mil/Pages/default.aspx

ACS Relocation Readiness Program webpage: http://fortirwinfmwr.com/army-community-services/relocation-referral-program

Newcomer's briefing

Weekly briefing provided on the ACS in general and Relocation Services in particular. We provide a table display of ACS Relocation Welcome Package for Ft. Irwin and the community. It includes magazine, brochures, guides, maps, and more for the local community and California.

Lending closet

We provide temporary loan of bake ware, cookware, dinnerware, Kitchen tools, EZ Beds (air mattress on frame, one per family), Small appliance, military style cots, and vacuums are available for temporary loan until your household goods arrive or you are assigned permanent housing. We offer an Initial 30-day loan with liberal extensions in 30-day intervals based on individual needs.

Re-Entry consultation

If you are returning from overseas and have specific concerns or questions that are either logistical, (delayed delivery of vehicle or HHG), financial concerns (spouse employment, budgeting, etc) or psychological adjustment to returning to the US after an overseas tour contact Relocation Readiness Manager.

Special needs liaison

While we do not take donations we will act as a liaison connecting persons who would like to donate items to Soldier Families in need. If you have a need or want to donate, contact the Relocation Readiness Manager.

Other Relocation Readiness Program resources include:

Pre-Arrival information: Installations and surrounding areas provide information through Military OneSource, which also provides links to military installations.

Plan My Move: The Plan My Move pages on Military OneSource simplify the moving process. You can create a customized calendar based on your needs and schedule, and find driving directions and information about entitlements and out-of-pocket costs, schools and other local community resources.

Household goods lending closet: Installations keep basic household items for you to borrow for up to 30 days to help you get settled. At a minimum, you'll find things like basic kitchenware, high chairs, irons, ironing boards, play pens and transformers if appropriate.

Post-Move newcomer orientation: Provides information about your new installation, including housing, education, healthcare, and more.

Welcome packet: Most installations will provide you with a welcome packet that has maps (both on- and off-post) and important local contact information.

Individual counseling: Your Relocation Readiness Program Manager can address specific issues with you one-on-one and give guidance and suggestions to help resolve any problems that may come along with your move.

Sponsor: A sponsor is somebody from a Soldier's new unit who is specially trained to help you settle into your new location. Most installations also have a Youth Sponsorship Program through Child and Youth Services.

Citizenship and immigration services: Your Relocation Readiness Program Manager can act as a liaison when Families seek guidance on the citizenship and residency application process.

Hearts Apart (Waiting Families Program): If you or your Spouse are serving an unaccompanied restricted PCS tour or extended temporary duty assignment (TDY), this support group discusses stresses and concerns, and shares coping skills.

Services for multicultural families: Provide information, assistance and support to all foreign-born spouses. There are also group activities like cooking classes, arts and crafts, and language classes.