U.S. Army Medical Department
Weed Army Community Hospital
Patient Feedback (ICE)
Phone Numbers
Appointment Line
(866)957-9224 (WACH)

Directory Assistance

Nurse Advice Line
(800)TRICARE(874-2273) Option 1

Pharmacy Refill

Patient Advocacy
(866) 957-9224 Option 4

Relay Health and Secure Medical Messaging
Protect Your Privacy: always be wary of callers asking for personal information.

The Weed Army Patient Advocate regularly reminds patients that criminal call centers try to get personal information from Tricare beneficiaries and are endeavor to send samples of drug products to them. Tricare beneficiaries should remember that Tricare will NEVER call and ask for personal information.

If a beneficiary has any doubt they should under no circumstances give any information over the phone. Beneficiaries who receive such calls are encouraged to report them immediately to Express Scripts at Tel.1-866-759-6139 or at Tricare fraudtip@express-scripts.com.

Relay Health provides clinical connectivity to patients, physicians, hospitals and pharmacies.

Did you know that you can make appointments at the Weed Army Community Hospital online through a secure, private Army Messaging Service?

The Relay Health system connects patients, healthcare providers, hospitals, pharmacies, labs, etc., throughout the U.S. and Canada and allows for the secure exchange of health information and communications.
eThe system enables all participants in the delivery of healthcare to communicate with each other efficiently, effectively and securely.

Patients have complete access to lab and other diagnostic test results, consultaions for non-urgent health matters, access to view healthcare account information and pay bills and set up and management of Personal Health Records (PHR).

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