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24/7 Hospital Main Desk:
(COM) 866-957-9224 or
(DSN) 470-3114

Appointments: (COM) 1-866-460-5305
or (DSN) 971-866-460-5305

24/7 Tricare: 800-874-2273
Nurse Case Management in the WACH
Going home from the hospital after a hospitalization can be confusing for people. We are Registered Nurses who will call you to make sure that all is going well after you are discharged from the hospital. We can assist you in getting follow-up appointments with your Primary Care Manager, in getting the referrals for the post-hospitalization care you need, and in arranging for the necessary health-related equipment ordered by your doctor. We also notify your Primary Care Manager of your discharge and pass along updates on your condition anytime we speak with you, as well as inform him or her of your discharge plans and needs.

The Weed Army Community Hospital Case Management program is integrated into your Primary Care Medical Home. All assigned Nurse Case Managers are Registered Nurses who work alongside your Primary Care Manager (PCM) ready and available to assist with your complex medical care management. Case Management is a process that involves a team of health care professionals who help patients and their families gain control over their illness, traumatic injury or complex medical situations.

Our Case Management program is Patient-Centered rather than disease specific. Many patients with complex medical conditions require case management. Examples of patients needing case management are those with multiple specialty providers or multiple disease processes. Patients who feel overwhelmed and feel they need assistance concerning their medical care may benefit from our services.

We will work as a team with your assigned PCM and other specialty care providers to make treatment plans and decisions about your health goals. Together, we develop a plan for your illness, injury, or situation and assist you to navigate through the maze of medical care to reach your recovery goal.

Our goal is to assist patients through all phases of illness and recovery, assuring a smooth transition in returning to independence and managing their own health care. Case Management services last until your goals are reached or if you and your case manager decide that services are no longer necessary and/or helpful. Case Management services may be resumed at a later time if needed.

Case Management assignment is initiated with your PCM submitting a referral requesting Case Management consultation or you as a patient can self-refer. After intake interview and review of records, you will be considered for case Management. We will notify you if your needs can or cannot be met through this program. If you do not meet criteria for Case Management Services, we will refer you to the appropriate resources to address your concerns.

All patients admitted to WACH or network health care facilities (outside of the WACH) will temporarily have a Nurse Case Manager assigned throughout your inpatient stay that will assist with your transition home. If you are by chance admitted at a network hospital and you have not heard from us during your stay, please contact your appropriate Medical Home Case Management office at the following numbers:

Blue Team: 760-380-4766

Gold Team: 760-380-5031

JVTMC: 760-380-9340.

The Medical Management Division focuses its efforts on disease prevention and management of illness by identifying and getting beneficiaries enrolled in programs such as Case Management, Disease Management, and existing patient education sessions. Call us if you need information or assistance with any of these programs.

Improving your patient experience: APLSS, ICE and the WACH customer survey card.
Suggestions or improvements on how we may better care for you and improve patient services are not only welcome, they are actively invited by the command and staff at the WACH.

In order to get your opinion on whether we are meeting your expectations, we invite you to fill out a WACH survey card, found throughout our facilities after you use our services. For those who prefer to use online surveys the Fort Irwin Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) is a web-based tool that collects feedback on services provided by various organizations throughout DoD including the WACH. All ICE comments, complimentary or critical regarding the WACH are seen by the hospital commander with an eye toward improving the patient experience. For this reason, the ICE is the best way for patients to lodge complaints. All survey information is kept anonymous and confidential unless you specifically direct otherwise.

APLSS, the Army Provider Level Satisfaction Survey, is a survey that is administered by the Office of the U.S. Army Surgeon General. The survey focuses on issues ranging from how the provider communicated with the patient during the visit to questions regarding access to care, cleanliness of the facility, and courtesy of the staff. Patients are randomly mailed a letter asking them to complete a brief questionnaire regarding their care at the WACH. The survey consists of 24 questions.

Completing the survey gives you, the patient, the opportunity to have your voice heard by WACH leadership. We use the survey results to identify areas for performance improvement. You also have the ability to formally recognize people or services that performed exceptionally. Additional funds for your hospital are also generated based on your responses and overall satisfaction ratings.

We take these surveys very seriously and use your comments and suggestions in our continual effort to improve our services, procedures an facilities to serve the community better.