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Medical Services

Department of Behavioral Health

Phone: Behavioral Health 380-3631/7367
  Family Advocacy Program 380-6302
Location: Bldg 170 map  
Office hours: 0745 - 1630  

Community Behavioral Health Service (CBHS) is designed to assist soldiers and individuals in coping more effectively with emotional stress/ crisis such as depression, anxiety or stress resulting from illness and disability. Services are provided on an outpatient bases to all eligible military, civilian and family members. Access to crisis services are available 24 hours a day. After duty hours report or call the emergency room at 380-3114.

Community Behavioral Health Service for Fort Irwin include command consultation, psychiatric services, TBI & PTSD Screening, Psychological testing, Recruiting/Drill Sergeant Evaluations, individual counseling in areas such as: individual; mental status evaluations; prevention education classes (stress management, sucide prevention, effective communication); management of psychiatric disorders; relaxation therapy.

CBHS provides behavioral health evaluation and treatment to Soldiers, family members, retirees, and civil service workers. All non-active duty beneficiaries may seek outpatient mental health services without referral or authorization for the first eight visits during a fiscal year in order to receive TRICARE coverage. When TRICARE Prime beneficiaries go beyond eight outpatient visits in any given fiscal year, they must seek authorization for continuation of mental health care services from their regional contractor. Beneficiaries should check with their regional contractor to determine the process for obtaining outpatient mental health referrals and authorizations and TRICARE when seeking care for the ninth visit and beyond. Certain outpatient services always require pre-authorization.

Links to other resources:

  • Family Advocacy Program - The Department of Social Work is located in building 183 beside the Dr. Mary E. Walker Center. It offers a wide variety of educational, therapy and support groups to assist clients.
  • Suicide Prevention - Suicide is a leading cause of death in the Army during peacetime. It is important to take a proactive stance on this issue to prevent suicide and respond to those who may be at risk. This page covers getting help fast, risk factors, signs and symptoms, and things you can do to help someone who is feeling suicidal.
  • Limits of confidentiality – Service Member information on Confidentiality/Privacy.