U.S. Army Medical Department
Weed Army Community Hospital
Patient Feedback (ICE)
Phone Numbers
Appointment Line
(866)957-9224 (WACH)

Directory Assistance

Nurse Advice Line
(800)TRICARE(874-2273) Option 1

Pharmacy Refill

Patient Advocacy
(866) 957-9224 Option 4

WACH Ombudsman
(760) 380-9889
Emergency Department
Physical Address:
Weed Army Community Hospital
Room 137, 166 Inner Loop Road
Fort Irwin, CA, 92310
Business Hours:
Always open, 24/7
Contact Information:
In the event of an emergency always dial 911 to speak with the emergency operator.

Front desk (DSN) 380-3114

The WACH Emergency Department
The Emergency Department is a 7 bed, 5 room facility that serves a population of 13,000 and provides care for more than 40 patients a day. Our goal is to offer the best medical care possible in a friendly, professional environment to every patient that visits our department.

Our staff is made up of civilian and military physicians, military and civilian Registered Nurses, and military Medics. The main function of the department is to treat patients who are suffering from an acute serious illness or injury that would lead to severe complications if not treated.

The department is not designed to provide routine medical care and patients requiring urgent attention will always be seen first. As treatment in the Emergency Department is based on clinical need above all other circumstances patients are treated in order of medical emergency, not necessarily in order of arrival. To ensure the most gravely ill patients are seen first, a sorting mechanism called triage is used to categorize patients.


Triage is performed by an experienced and licensed registered nurse and occurs very soon after arrival. Care is delivered to all patients regardless of culture, beliefs, conscientious convictions, sexual orientation, or disability and privacy will be respected at all times.

Triage is the first step in the assessment of your physical condition. A registered nurse will record your vital signs: temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure. You will be asked questions about your current symptoms and medical history. At the conclusion of the triage process, you will be assigned a level of priority on a scale of 1 to 5 using the Emergency Severity Index (ESI). An ESI level of 1 is the highest priority of treatment in our department while an ESI level of 5 is considered less urgent.

Priority of patients to be seen is determined by triage level assigned to the patient, not by the order of arrival to the emergency room. This is an ever changing process.



Clerical or non-clinical staff members are responsible for registering vital information about your identity. They will: uniquely identify you, enter and update your demographics (i.e., address, telephone number), record and obtain insurance information, provide follow up appointments as requested by the Emergency Room Provider and record detailed information for your work or school, if required.