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Army Family Advocacy Program
Physical Address:
Bldg. 181 5TH Street
Fort Irwin, CA, 92310
Business Hours:
Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
Closed on Federal Holidays and
selected training holidays
Contact Information:
DSN: 760-470-5467
COM: +1 (760) 380 - 5467
The Fort Irwin Army Family Advocacy Program (AFAP)
AFAP services are available to all active duty Soldiers, retirees, and immediate family members seeking professional help. In some cases, clients may need to be referred to civilian providers through the TRIWEST health system. Clients may be self-referred, command-referred or medically-referred by any professional within the health care system.

About AFAP
The Family Advocacy Program on Fort Irwin is dedicated to domestic and Child abuse prevention, education, prompt reporting, investigation, intervention and treatment. The Army provides a variety of services to Soldiers and Families to enhance their relationship skills and improve their quality of life. Family Advocacy Programs (FAP) provide Families with direct services, and conducts various prevention, training, and data-collection activities. Resources available through the Family Advocacy Program include Marriage, Parenting and Self Development classes, a New Parent Support Program and Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy Services.

REPORT DOMESTIC ABUSE IMMEDIATELY: The Fort Irwin community is committed to having a safe, family-friendly community. Unfortunately, domestic violence can and does occur in the form of physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, and financial abuse. No one deserves this kind of treatment.
Through the Family Advocacy Program, victim advocates are always available to assist victims with safety planning, protection orders, court accompaniment, safety moves, and transitional compensation if eligible. Our goal is to empower victims to make the choices that are right for them. Two reporting options are available: Restricted, which is confidential but can still meet many survivors' needs; and Unrestricted, with involves Command notification and law enforcement investigation.
Advocates are available 24/7. If you are a victim, we encourage you to take the first step toward healing by calling our confidential Hotline at the number below. We are always here for you.
Victim advocates are also available for Troop Trainings to provide prevention education to soldiers.

To report domestic abuse call the 24/7 Crisis Response Operator at
+1 (760)267-6792
or during normal business hours at +1 (760)380-2407 or +1 (760)380-2409

There are a variety of resources available to provide parents with support, information and services they need. Prevention programs dealing with Anger Management such as the New Parent Support Program, Self-development and Parenting Courses are available.

If you suspect a child is being abused, it is everyone’s responsibility to make an immediate report. Child Abuse can include physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or neglect.

To report child abuse, immediately contact:
Fort Irwin Military Police (Reporting Point of Contact)
+1 (760)380-4444

The San Bernardino Child Abuse Hotline
+1 (800)422-4453

For questions related to child abuse, please call Social Work Services
+1 (760)380-6302
or the Family Advocacy Program Manager
+1 (760)380-5467

Ongoing AFAP classes (scroll to sub sections) :

Classes for parents:

ScreamFree Parenting Your Teenagers
ScreamFree Parenting Your Teenagers is geared towards parents of pre-teens and up. "Let's stop raising kids and start launching our teens into adulthood" will be the main topic for this class. Parenting your Teenagers examines the dynamics at play in the home during the often challenging teenage years. Calming our own reactions and helping prepare teenagers for their ever-expanding kingdom is the best possible way to launch our teens into the type of adulthood we want for them.

Love and Logic early childhood parenting made fun (Ages 0-6)
Provides parents with the opportunity to gain practical and proven tools for raising respectful, responsible, and happy kids! (3 part class)

Becoming a Love and Logic parent (ages 6+)
This 3-part class teaches parents how to hold their kids accountable by "locking in our empathy, love, and understanding" prior to providing consequences when disciplining children." When done on a regular basis, children develop an internal voice that says, "I wonder how much pain I'm going to cause for myself with my next decision."

Infant care
Parents will learn the basics of newborn care including bathing, diapering, cord care, nutrition, feeding, infant safety, understanding newborn behavior, and growth and development. Meets once a month.

Single parenting
Single parenthood brings its own unique concerns. Topics such as: self care, co-parenting, networking, and safe dating are addressed during this course to assist you with your parenting needs.

Daddy Bootcamp
This class educates new and expectant fathers on parental role and responsibilities and helps to develop strategies to adapt and cope with a new baby. Some topics covered include; an introduction to pregnancy and lifestyle changes, basic infant care and bonding for dads, coping strategies for crying infants and small children, and effective strategies for helping mom and baby.

Parent and Tot Playgroup
This is an interactive parent and tot playgroup designed to teach parents developmentally appropriate play and to help children improve their social, cognitive, and motor skills. Play groups are every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 11:00 a.m. at the Middle School & Teen Center Gym, Bldg. 1315, off Normandy. Class is open to the entire Fort Irwin community. No CYSS registration needed.

Total Mom
Participants meet once per week for 10 weeks. Each week we experience another aspect of you. Learn how to be a Healthy Mom, Confident Mom, Beautiful Mom, Cool Mom and so much more. Make new friends, share experiences and have fun!

Mommy and Me workout group
Come soak up the benefits of being active, being outdoors, being social with other Moms, being a part of play dates. All levels of fitness are welcome. All kiddos are welcome. Our workouts are all body weight cardio and strength. Monday, Wednesday and Friday we use strollers and/or let the kiddos stay near us to play. Tuesday and Thursday we put the baby carriers on and/or take the stroller out on a walk around Fort Irwin.

Classes for married couples:

ScreamFree marriage
Marriage is difficult, and it is naturally filled with conflict. ScreamFree marriage is about challenging your previous notions about what your marriage should be and learning to appreciate all that it is right now, and all that it could be in the future. ScreamFree Marriage is not about "fighting fair" or "meeting one another's needs" or "becoming more compatible." A ScreamFree marriage begins with calming your own anxietyand focusing on individual self-respect. This course encourages you to champion your own personal growth as the key to intimacy. This is a 3-part class.

Five love languages
The Five Love Languages discusses relationships between couples. All people express their love for one another in various ways and it is essential for couples to identify how they communicate their love to one another so that they are able to improve upon their relationship.

Anger & stress management
Designed to help individuals learn to recognize, understand, and manage their anger and stress appropriately. Participants will gain tools and techniques for managing their anger andstress by identifying triggers, learning the ABC's of anger and stress management and finding ways of keeping anger and conflict in their lives healthy and productive. The course helps participants understand what causes anger & stress and the problems that can result if they are unable to control it.

Coffee break
Coffee Break is all about taking some time to connect with other adults and learn from one another, all while enjoying fresh coffee, tea, and other treats. Come, bring your friends talk and relax while your children spend time in childcare! This class takes place every Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at The Forum, Bldg 1200, and is open to the entire community.

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