U.S. Army Medical Department
Weed Army Community Hospital
Patient Feedback (ICE)
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Weed Army Community Hospital News
-   WACH Welcomes New Commander.
-   Army Surgeon General Lt. Gen. West visits WACH, NTC.
-   NTC/WACH conducts first mass-casualty exercise in 2016.
-   WACH staff gratified by recent Joint Commission results.
-   WACH hosts Expert Field Medic Badge testing.
-   New state-of-the art Ft. Irwin Army Wellness Center opens.
-   NTC, Fort Irwin Leaders immunized for 2015 Flu Season.
-   WACH: “Like us on Facebook, just not while you drive".
-   New Ft. Irwin Hospital reaches Important milestone.
U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDDAC) News
-   New medical care survey announced JOES.
-   Military Health System Transparency data online access.
-   Easy Access to the Army Medicine One-Stop.
-   Tricare pharmacy benefits: Changes and updates
-   Army Values are Key to detoxifying the workplace.
-   Suicide Prevention Awareness Saves Lives.
-   Parents can show the way to healthy eating habits.
-   Tips for preventing heat-related illness.
-   Army Medicine works to increase unit Readiness.